Come hack, learn, build, teach, share, and create.
SE Hack Day is an event for students at the University of Waterloo.

January 11, 2014 @ M3 1006
A stealth game engine named by GitGub
Motion Tracking by Anthony Zhang
Addon for [Blender]( implementing 3D point reconstruction using multiple camera angles.
Spinning Thing by Anthony Zhang
A spinning thing! Displays some text on a spinning array of LEDs.
Demonstrates the effect of gravitational fields through simulating planetary orbits.
Smack Down by David Fu & Jason Loo
2 Player game where you knock each other up and brutally smash each other back down.
A caching proxy server for S3, Cloud Files, and other object stores.
Most news websites are terrible at making paywalls. Let's just avoid them with a bit of JS.
"You have to chase the are the electric shaver". A quick game hack to get into Lua/Love2D.
Notifies you when exploits and severe bugs are discovered in your software dependencies.
Most commonly used vim plugins scraped from GitHub dotfiles repos. Will launch and open-source soon.
Improvements to Github's diff viewer:- side-by-side view- show more lines for additional context- syntax highlighting (coming soon)
Gabriel Wong by gbwong31 Multiple users can draw onto one canvas.
Google image searches turned into albums!
WPM Mobile by @Nhieuton Matthew Du
An Android app to test your WPM. The app provides an excerpt from a randomly selected Wikipedia article for you to type.
SyncTube by Tasti Zakarie
SyncTube allows users the stream videos together with friends or strangers.
October 26, 2013 @ M3 1006
Rebuilt the SE Hack Day site to use a form instead of a stupid Twitter bot.
Earn P**5 points for your class, or just tell us you're here!
Asynchronous Javascript Turn-Based Game Specifically, chess. For now.
A productivity enhancing travel checklist. Create a Trip, Add a Bag and snap pictures of Items you want to put in each bag!
Verbose turn-by-turn navigation.
Reversed engineered's network calls to build an unofficial API in python. It has the ability to list your bank balance, search transactions and a unique function to sync your bitcoins
Scrambles and lets you solve a 3x3 cube. Solving AI is still work in progress
WARG image stitcher by
WARG image stitcher ( path calculations Features: - random map generation - dump cubic Bezier splines from .blend - exact evaluation for B(t), B'(t), and B''(t) (t is not time) - memoizing arclength, s
Bezier Snake by @Nhieuton Filip Burlacu
A spin on the classic, Snake. Demo:
A microcontroller driven dual motor driver designed for robotics purposes. Plus, an embedded C library to make motor control completely seamless.
Musical Microcontroller by Anthony Zhang
A horribly inefficient, entirely impractical way of playing music by turning PIC pins on and off in a loop at a certain speed. Plays the first few measures of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" before rolling over and dying.
Ultimate Tic Tac Toe by Andy Zhang Gabriel Wong Seikun Kambashi
ultimate tic tac toe app for android.
CS Contest by @GeoffCodes @jamiboy16 Aleksey Tsaplin
A submission and judging system for an online computer science contest.
Join or watch teams that are developing games live in the browser. Uses: node.js, mongodb, mongoose, AngularJS, Express, sockjs, ace editor and more.
Nomnomnom is a bookmarklet to make online recipes more usable. It helps you remember what steps you've completed, adjust yield, convert units and more!
Xoomer by Lynn Tran Leon Jiang
A social media iOS app that allows users to take pictures and build their own tour guide to share with their friends.
July 19, 2013 @ EV3 1408
Learning Nanoc by Joshua Kalpin
A basic blog.
EuroAnts by Chris Taylor
an Ant Colony Optimization approach to the Backpacking Europe Problem, err I mean TSP
Dream by Wen-Hao Lue
A collaborative multiplayer game engine
MacPan by Ryan Bateman
Totally not a clone of a popular game with a similar name and a small yellow circular protagonist.
A D3.js visualization of financial runways.
CallMeZeldaOneMoreTime by Michael Hitchens
A very Zelda (!) inspired game.
November 23, 2012 @ M3 1006
an open-source anti-blocking system specifically designed for China.
Calibre by Brendan van Ryn
a first person shooter using only OpenGL and 10k lines of C.
Pass of Eternity by Leon Jiang
a lovely game.
6-assembler Assembler for Notch's DCPU16
a lovely in-browser game.
Test Cards by Kyle Lexmond
Flashcards, in Javascript!
a general website (rails/pg) to list games I play and enjoy. #workinprogress
A communication app that lets you speak in a foreign language
A satirical response to a se2014 fydp
A fun face replacer, based on CIDetector.
A mock api for the Charity Republic facebook app
A Bill Clinton swag image generator built with RoR and ImageMagick. "I bet Bill Clinton loves your music"
a pygame-based maze generator.
A port of for iOS. Listen to on the go, with background audio support.
July 20, 2012 @ VeloCity Great Hall
6-assembler Assembler for Notch's DCPU16
June 29, 2012 @ VeloCity Great Hall
Emulator for Notch's DCPU-16.
a rather useless human interaction simulator that currently pretends like its doing something.
Tell the world about your SE Hack Day hack via tweet!
March 2, 2012 @ VeloCity Great Hall
A new, twitter-driven site for SE Hack Day.
wakka by Zameer Manji
A new package manager for Arch Linux.
A node.js chess game in Coffeescript.
Shapes and gradients and pathing, oh my!
3D Calculator by Rollen D'Souza Taylor Petrick
using OpenGL and C++. Now I can do my homework without Wolfram!
C++ Pong by Jasmeet Oberai
using Allegro Gaming Library
3D Multiplayer Game by Andrew Rasmussen
using OpenGL, C++ and Boost. Networked multiplayer!
BounceShot by Chris Taylor
an iOS game concept utilizing Cocos2D, Box2D and iOS UI Gestures.
an iPad text editor in Webkit, with Markdown and sexiness.
Mashtone for iPad by Peter Sobot
Music remixing, now on iPad as well. Coming soon!
Minesweeper by Jinny Kim
Written in JavaScript, complete with a Jinny twist
Lndr_wp7 client for Windows Phone.
Metamorphosis by Tatsuya Morita-Ahad
a simple javascript board game.
an interactive phrase book.
a social app to share what you learn.
Numbers API by David Hu Mack Duan
an API for interesting facts about numbers.
July 15, 2011 @ VeloCity Great Hall
June 10, 2011 @ VeloCity Great Hall
May 27, 2011 @ VeloCity Great Hall
May 20, 2011 @ the Software House
An HTML5 Canvas-based game, ported to a native Android app with PhoneGap.
BallRoom by Kyle Watson
A Java-based physics demo of a cute little ball with googley eyes.
A C++ OpenGL demo of 2D physics and collision detection.
An automatic dubstep remix creator, written in Python using the Echo Nest's remix API.
Encroach by Dmitry Blotsky
A unique Java-based land-grab game playable in GUI or command line.
Joblet by Sandy Wu
An iOS interface for the University of Waterloo's JobMine system.
Quest by Wen-Hao Lue
An iOS sprite-based dungeon-crawler written in Cocos2D.
CHIP-8 Interpreter by Tatsuya Morita-Ahad
A ROM interpreter for games in CHIP-8 format. (Pong, Space Invaders, etc.)
A Facebook app for finding statistics about a user's most-liked and most-commented posts.
Facebook API Demo by Andrew Tinits
A demo of the Facebook API, jQuery and Facebook Login.